Pan Perdu$70
Two slices of fresh bread plunged in a seasoned egg batter, butter-fried to perfection and served with fruit (depending on availability) and two slices of crispy bacon.
Omelette Cornell $70
A classic egg omelette bursting with chistorra, fresh spinach, Spanish Manchego Cheese and garnished with tomato.
Croq Maison $105
A substantial slice of imported smoked ham smothered in aged cheddar cheese with twist of Tamarindo sauce served between two slices of French toast and topped with a fried egg.
Omelette Del Día $70
Ask your waiter for choices of ingredients, served with our famous Potatoes Domenech.
Huevos Tirados $60
Fresh local eggs scrambled with black beans comes with a fried banana and garnished with tomato.